Nothing describes autumn better than fallen leaves and dried flowers. They don’t only look good outside on the ground or on the fields, they are also an affordable and possibly the most natural option to decorate your home at this time of year. Meanwhile markets and stores offer a huge selection of dried flowers and plants to buy.

I wanted a quite big bouquet for a tall bamboo vase and decided to go for

  • two types of dried linen
  • wheat
  • very fluffy pampasgrass
  • velvetgrass

First I seperated all the single stems because the dried blossoms constantly get stuck in each other. This will make it easier to put the bouquet together in one flow and just add the stems you like without putting it on the flour and start untangling in the middle of the process. Just put them together how ever you like it. I went for a evenly and natural bouquet so I just mixed them all together one by one.

Once you finished make sure to tie the bouquet together with an elastic band or some binding wire. The vase I chose is made out of bamboo which I think is a perfect match to the colour scheme of the dried flowers. Alternatively you can just hang them on the wall or the ceiling which also looks lovely.

I posted a Reel on my Instagram to show you how I did it

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