Currently it is very hard for all of us to live a semi-normal life and celebrate special days. Most of us don’t have the opportunity to go to events or host / be a guest on a party which is usually what makes up the largest part of feasts like Halloween. Even so it is very important that we try to make the most out of this situation in times of the corona-virus and stay positive. Depending on the country you live in and the government guidelines you are maybe able to invite someone over and spent the day together. There are so many possibilities to have a very halloweeny day at home and celebrate anyway!

You can start your day off with a long forest walk. The trees show their most beautiful and intense yellow, orange and red tones these days. They started falling already so now it’s the time to enjoy them – it’s not getting any more autumnal than it is! If you do have a dog – like I have – take him or her with you on the big walk. Even if the weather is bad. Isn’t it even more halloweeny if you enjoy harsh nature? Another opportunity is going to a local farm and pick some pumkins to carve later in the evening!

After a big walk you can have a nice bath – perfect to warm up again and get cozy. Here too the Halloween feeling shouldn’t be missing! I am always the most excited for seasonal limited editions. LUSH are having a big selection on super cute and spooky Halloween bath bombs, soaps and shower gels. This year I went for the BEWITCHED bubble bar to feel all the Halloween vibes.

Later in the day you can start some Halloween activities like pumpkin carving. This is fun and also really realxing and creative. There are so many pumpkin carving ideas and patterns on instagram and pinterest! You can also play some games like black stories Dark Night Edition which is such cool mystery card game in a spooky edition.

For the evening you can have a Halloween movie night! Slip in your PJ’s and make it all cozy with cushions and blankets. Prepare some Halloween themed food and drinks. We are always going for some halloween candy and crisps. For drinks you could make some Bloody Mary’s or a spooky green Melon Sour.

If you’re then good to go, start with your cozy Halloween movie night! I think films like Harry Potter or Nightmare Before Christmas are good to start with. They are just so nostalgic and relaxing. You can also watch them along the pumpkin carving (if you have watched them a million times like I did).

When it comes to horror I would always go for the classic Halloween from 1978. This is a MUST-SEE for every Halloween movie night, everyone knows Michael Myers right? I recently discovered that there is a sequel of the film from 2018 which is so exciting! I am definitely going to watch it this year (after rewachting the classic obviously).

Another horror favourite is the Conjuring which is a great exorcism film! I think the most films with topics like these are very poorly made and not even a bit scary. But this one is not. If you haven’t watched it – go for it! It is available on Netflix.

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