November is already gone, which means we’re getting closer to Christmas! Time to start with winter and Christmas decorations! A wreath is just the perfect DIY idea, because its so versatile. You can hang it on your door, on the wall or use it as an advent wreath with four candles on it.

So I wanted to get a bit creative and made a wreath out of:

  • sisal grass as the base
  • pampas grass (two stems)
  • velvet grass (one stem)
  • pinecones

A very simple but beautiful combination! The wreath I used is out of straw.

I wanted to created a subtle snowy effect to make it look more christmassy. To achieve this I used:

  • spray glue
  • instant paper mache
  • fake snow (no plastic)


I filmed an IGTV on Instagram if you want to see how I did it!

  1. Cut down the pampas grass stems to smaller stems and tie together 3-4 of them each time with elastic bands. You should have quite a few mini bouquets in the end.
  1. Prepare a surface (i used a very big paper) on which you can lay out a bit of the instant paper mache and the fake snow and then mixed it together. The paper mache creates thicker flakey snowy effect and the fake snow looks more like real snowflakes – the perfect combination for a subtle snow effect.
  1. Spray the pampas grass, the pinecones and some of the velvet grass with spray glue (outside!) and cover them with the snow mixture. Then just leave them on the paper or whatever you used and let them dry for some hours. You can also skip this step if you don’t like a snowy wreath or just want a plain dried flower wreath! After drying – shake off the excess, otherwise you will have a mess on your table if you use it as an advent wreath.
  1. Now you can start to tie the wreath. Start with sisal grass as a base and tie it all around the wreath. Make sure to always fix it with some craft wire. Then you can start with the pampas grass. Start at the outer part of the wreath: take one piece and fix it with wire. When laying on the next one make sure to cover the end of the first one with it. Repeat that until you’re done with the complete outer side. After that you can fill the inner side. Try to always fill the gaps!
  1. Now you can glue on the pinecones! I used a hot glue gun. If you don’t have one you can also try to fix them with wire. I also added some white fake berries I found at the craft store. You can get very creative here! If you want to use the wreath as an advent wreath make sure to leave some gaps for the candles.
  1. Lastly I sprayed the wreath with spray glue and added a little bit more of the fake snow.


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