For the December book I decided to go for the Christmas novel „One day in December“ (Deutsch: “Ein Tag im Dezember”) by Josie Silver. Normally I don’t really like to read that kind of genre, but mostly all Christmas books are romance. I am more of a crime kinda person, but at this time of year I would totally go for a romance as well. 

This book came out on the 23rd of August in 2018, so it’s not the newest and I actually read it twice already! 


Laurie and Jack met on a cold December day. The saw each other at the bus station sitting in two different busses and it only took that one moment to know that he is the one. Her bus drives away and she searches for him for about a year. The desperate search ends as her best friend and roommate Sarah introduces her new boyfriend to Laurie – who is the „bus boy“ Jack. Their love seems to be impossible and all that remains is a long lasting friendship with suppressed feelings. 


Laurie does not tell Sarah that she saw her new boyfriend before. And he doesn’t either. After some time the bond between Laurie and Jack emerges and makes everything more complicated. Laurie is lying to her best friend for years. As she thinks there is no other way than blending out her feelings and live on she travels to Thailand and meets Oscar. A wealthy loving banker who falls in love with her immediately. Laurie is also on cloud nine and imagines the rest of her life with him. They get married and are very happy for some time. I didn’t think they were perfect together for a second! After about half of the book Jack has a serious accident which takes him and Sarah apart in the end. He moves to Edinburg for a new job and a fresh start. Oscars job is taking all out if him and their marriage turns into a part time relationship. Laurie isn’t happy anymore and suddenly she finds her way to Jack in a very romantic way. 


The book is written out of Lauries and Jacks perspective which I really love. You can see both sides of the story and get to know both characters intensively. The characters are so lovely and real. Especially with Lauries character the author got really deep, but also with Sarah who isn’t the main character at all. You can really put yourself in every single character here. 

The plot line drags on about 10 years! Sounds like a crazy long story, but it really doesn’t get boring at all. So although it is a Christmas book it does not play around „one“ December, but all year around and it still is very cozy and festive

The scenery was beautiful as well. Snowy, dark and cold London on Christmas time – just perfect! 

This book is full of emotions and ups and downs and I loved this! Seems so real and might really be what some people go through when falling in love with your best friend partner. 


Actually there is not much I didn’t liked at all! Lauries situation was really bad and frustrating, but her behaviour gave me stomach aches! She supressed her feelings and was also lying to Sarah for years! This really made me feel uncomfortable while reading, because I personally would never be able to do so. 

I only didn’t like the part in Thailand that much, because it was just so different to the rest of the story and swamped out the christmassy atmosphere a bit. 


I really really loved the book! I think the story line and especially the characters are so lovely! Perfect for Christmas time, but also for the whole winter season. 

The writing style was amazing and also that the story takes about 10 years time! 

The end is also really cute and just what you want at the and of a story. The connection between Jack and Laurie existed from the second they met and fully developed when they both are ready and found their way to each other at the right time. 

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