Most of us have a lot of new years resolutions for the coming year. Mostly we want to achieve goals or change something. I can just speak of me, but I am really motivated for the first week in January and then I just fall back into my usual habits. 

This year is very important for me as I am writing my first state legal examination. So I really need to make the most of my year and be as productive as possible. But this year is going to be meaningful for all of us, as this year was very different to most years. 

To be the most productive, I wrote down some of the things that I want to do this year and that will help me to concentrate on my goals, my self and my surroundings. 


Think of goals you want to achieve this year and write them down. This helps to really visualise and demonstrate the things you want to do or change. Think of long-term goals for the whole year. Maybe you want to change some things in your personal behaviour or something regarding friendships, relationships or family issues. Maybe you just want to read a certain book or do certain activities this year. Just write down all of it!

What I think is the most helpful is writing down your weekly goals! What work do you have to do this week? What do you want to get done and what do you want to achieve? Make a plan! 


Make a list for your daily tasks. I always use different colours for different tasks – this helps for an overview of all the different stuff you have to do or appointments you have. You can set a timer for some of them to be more productive and finish them quicker! Helps so much to get stuff like organising or cleaning done so much quicker and more motivated. If you’re done with it – tick it off your list! This gives us a feeling of achievement. 


If you’re working full time you will probably wake up at the same time everyday, but if you’re a student or have modified work times due to the pandemic it is really important to start your day at the same time everyday! I am so so bad at this, because I’m just the biggest sleepy head ever. I definitely have to change that. So set your alarm and wake up early! You will have so much more out of the day. A diary or calendar will help to the routine. Write down what you have to do on a certain day! 

Start your day as soon as possible and don’t take too much time in morning doing useless stuff you can do after work is done! If you don’t have work times – make up a time period for your work stuff until lets say 4 or 5 PM and if you’re done you still have so much time for those other things and for yourself. Take that free time for yourself and your mental health. This is so so important!


Make sure to check on your goals monthly! Did you achieve them? This way you can see if you maybe need to change some things up in your schedule or what worked for you. 

If we are the most productive then we will be so much happier with ourselves and in accordance with our surroundings. 


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