My Inspiration

I am always the most excited when the season changes. When you notice certain smells, the leafs turning a different colour and the world around you changing. Every time of year is so special and influences you in its own way. Concentrating on the small things that make you live in the moment and appreciate them teaches us to find happiness in life. For me most important is feeling good in my own space and myself. Things like cooking seasonal food , decorating your home while watching a matching movie, getting crafty and taking care about yourself will improve the quality of your life incredibly and make life so much more worth living. I also noticed that my enthusiasm regarding this infects the people around me in such a positive way. I guess it’s true that the small things make the biggest difference.

As this helped me being in peace with myself and my surroundings I want to share all the content and inspirations with you throughout the year. I have always been a passionated baker and (certainly not the best) chef. Seasonal food just always gets me in the mood! During the last couple of years found so many amazing recipes and also created some my own, which will make you feel that special part of the year the most and intense you ever did. I mostly bake healthier and also vegan versions of traditional, but also new and creative bakes and food.

Also settling down with a good book that gives you all the spring flower, sweaty summer, autumnal or festive vibes is probably the best way to enjoy some free time and relax. As I think reading a book that excites you and having a little time off on your own at the same time is very important for your mental health, which is why I wanted to select a book or two every season and review it. If you are interested reading you should have an eye on my Instagram – I’m always sharing what I’m reading and would also love to see your rating, if you read it too.


As it’s hopefully getting warmer soon, it’s also time for summery cheesecakes! I am so so happy with this recipe and I also think this will be my „basic“ recipe for vegan cheesecake (besides the lemon flavor of course) – because it just turned out so so good!


If you love cookies – this recipe is perfect for this time of year! One reason for this is obviously that rhubarb is seasonal in the spring months, but also because the cookies taste so fresh and are perfect for spring weather, because they are not too heavy ☺️

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